Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hogle Zoo World of Wild 2011 Annual Art Show

I really enjoyed participating for this Art Show. So many talented young individual where there. I think I was the oldest one there. Haha

For more information on this event here is the link


This color pencil drawing of a moose is spectacular. For sheer
technicality alone, I found this to be an exquisite piece, with the
velvety fur of the moose rendered with near photographic
precision! The shallow depth of field is also rendered very nicely –
with the moose in focus, and the background in soft focus; and
even the cool blue characteristic of powder is drawn beautifully!
Considering the sunlight on the moose and the lightness of the
snow I thought the artist did a great job rendering light (and
texture) in this drawing.

-Juror Micol Hebron,

Senior Curator of Exhibits, Salt Lake Art Center

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