Thursday, May 5, 2011

First 5K

I used to do a lot of running in high school, but honestly never ran any 5K, 10K or half marathons. And marathons forget it! I have always enjoyed running and was introduced to it by my best friend Kristen. My sister Cammy is always encouraging me to run with her and finally I am. My goal this year is a half marathon in October. This was my first 5K ever and I am proud of my sisters and I for running our little hearts out. It snowed that morning and was really cold, but I did it. I would tell you how fast I ran it, but I am afraid you all will make fun of me so lets just say I ran it under an hour. Hahaha.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Little Boy's Scuz

Only one other person give this exact look unfortunately I don't have a pic of Darren to show you, but Colter's face says it all.

My Sister's Amazing Talent

My little sister amazes me with her talent. She really doesn't give herself any credit so I am going to brag for her. She is only 18 and this was her first watercolor ever. It is just beautiful, this it going to make her famous someday. 

Hogle Zoo World of Wild 2011 Annual Art Show

I really enjoyed participating for this Art Show. So many talented young individual where there. I think I was the oldest one there. Haha

For more information on this event here is the link


This color pencil drawing of a moose is spectacular. For sheer
technicality alone, I found this to be an exquisite piece, with the
velvety fur of the moose rendered with near photographic
precision! The shallow depth of field is also rendered very nicely –
with the moose in focus, and the background in soft focus; and
even the cool blue characteristic of powder is drawn beautifully!
Considering the sunlight on the moose and the lightness of the
snow I thought the artist did a great job rendering light (and
texture) in this drawing.

-Juror Micol Hebron,

Senior Curator of Exhibits, Salt Lake Art Center

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodbye Cooper

Colter was pretty said to see his dog go. Cooper has some good new owners though. They will be able to give him all the attention in the world.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I have been told by many I need to update my blog. Sorry I am busy, but I promise it is coming soon. I just need to figure out how to blog again. As you can see I forgot.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shonnie Finally Post Something

The Whole Family

My brother Tommy finally came home from mission from Poland on December 19th at 2:53Am. Darren and I are very excited to have him home. I didn't think I would miss him these past two years, but I did. The family has had fun spending time with him since he got back. By the way Summer the pictures look great, thanks for taking them. Oh I tag Cammy Whitchurch next to post something.